2013 Concert Series – It begins!

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Dear, dear patrons -Welcome to our 2013 season!

Laurie and I are very excited to ring the bell on the opening of our 2013 schedule.  The front end of our schedule is filled out but we’re still vetting artists for the last part of the season.  As always you can expect outstanding entertainment and warm camaraderie in the months ahead.

Strangers And Liars

Strangers And Liars

FRIDAY MARCH 15 – This is the kickoff event for HHCS 2013.  We will be hosting a listening party for local band STRANGERS AND LIARS.  This event will be an open house from 6-9PM, BYOB.

No need to bring food for this one, just plan to stop in, have a nibble and hang out with the band.  We will be spinning their new CD (available for purchase/signing) and expect a few live performances as well.  Come when you can, stay as your schedule permits.  Send us an email if you need the address – hitthouseconcertseries@yahoo.com

John Lilly

John Lilly

Saturday April 27 – from West Virginia – John Lilly  — Many of you requested the return of this fine folk artist and we got him!  John had a delightful time entertaining for us three years ago and he was excited to be invited back.  You will definitely enjoy this engaging performer.

More info coming soon – welcome back everyone!  ~Tom & Laurie~


About Tom Hitt

Retired teacher, now writing and creating paper crafts. Oh yeah, collecting typewriters as well.
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