Our May 31 show is here in a week!

Greetings House Concert lovers!
As expected, our upcoming House Concert with the Womack Family Band filled up quickly- we have no more seats available; but keep reading!

The Waiting List – your friend at the velvet rope!   —   Even though our May 31 show with the Womack Family Band is full you will still want to get on the waiting list because we may be able to set up for an outdoor performance.

Any time we have the show outdoors we can increase our seating capacity because, hey, there are no walls! If you have already received confirmation on your RSVP, no need for you to contact us (unless you want to!).   Click here to learn more about how the waiting list works.

Outdoor performances require an optimum setting; stable temperatures, no wind, not too buggy, no lawn mowers, etc… For that reason we can not guarantee an outdoor performance until the day of the show. If the May 30 forecast (day before the show) indicates weather conducive to having the event outside I will send one more announcement via email putting list members on alert. You are always free to email,  phone or IM me for up-to-the-minute info. If you do NOT hear from me, assume the event will be held indoors.

Here’s the online poster for the Womack Family Band. We’ll see you soon!

~Tom and Laurie Hitt~

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About Tom Hitt

Retired teacher, now writing and creating paper crafts. Oh yeah, collecting typewriters as well.
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