Back From Suspended Animation

Greetings artists, patrons and rubberneckers.  HHCS is back up and running for 2016!

The past 17 months have been bumpy for a variety of reasons.  Suffice it to say, we are now back in control of the mothership.


We have two shows coming up that you will not want to miss.

John_Lilly_2016_HHCSScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.15.06 PM.pngOn Friday April 8 we will present John Lilly and Arty Hill.   John played a show for us a few years back, and if you attended that, you know you don’t want to miss this one.  He will be performing this time with fellow guitarist Arty Hill.  This will be a great show, we’re very excited!

If that isn’t great enough…


For our May show, we are super duper pleased to be presenting Singer/Songwriter, humorist, author, and professional smart aleck Carla Ulbrich.  We have been attempting to get this gal here for four years, it’s finally going to happen – yay!  That date is Friday, May 20.

More information coming very soon.  In the meantime – save the dates! ~Tom~


About Tom Hitt

Retired teacher, now writing and creating paper crafts. Oh yeah, collecting typewriters as well.
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