Greetings, thanks for your interest in performing at HITT HOUSE CONCERT SERIES!  Here are some things you need to know, please read carefully before submitting a request.  If your music does not fit into the specified genres below we kindly ask that you do not request a gig.

  • We book the following genres; singer/songwriter, folk, americana
  • We do our bookings for each new series during December and January (be patient for a response)
  • Our series runs from March through November of each calendar year
  • We book one artist per month
  • Our audience capacity is 25 max
  • We collect a suggested donation of $10-15 from each audience member on your behalf
  • 100% of the donations go to the artist (that’s you!)
  • Our shows begin with a 6PM Potluck dinner which you are welcome to participate in
  • Artists perform two 45 minute sets with a fifteen minute intermission
  • We will set out your merch during your first set, it’s displayed during intermission
  • We offer one guest room with a double bed; sofa and floor are also available!
  • We have two cats (allergy info)

Requests for booking should be sent to

FINALLY – Please include web links to your sites when requesting a gig.  I review live performance videos first, then I review other materials.  ALL requests are thoroughly reviewed before approving an artist for a show, so please send me links to your best live performance videos.  It is a time consuming process, so it really helps me if you do your homework (fit the genres we book, present yourself in a professional manner) before submitting a request.  Thanks!  ~Tom Hitt~

Click here to see available dates for the upcoming season.


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